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Pumpkin Party (recap)

My friend Julia hosted a “Pumpkin Party” a few weeks ago.  She recently posted some pictures from it, and I wanted to share a few here for you (hopefully Julia won’t mind!).  Basically the party was a pumpkin carving party with lots of pumpkin foods, treats, and beer involved.  I’ve never been one for pumpkin carving (I think I’ve tried three times, and it’s just a lot of work 🙁 ) but I’m always really impressed by people who are good at it!


My favorite!




I can’t believe how creative/talented with a knife some people are.


If I have a baby, remind me to have it shortly before Halloween so I can dress it in a pumpkin costume! Baby Max 🙂



I am very serious about Pumpkin Beer. Evidently. This is Julia (and me).


Most recommended:  Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (have a six-pack in the fridge, as it was on sale.  However, it will probably end up sitting there for months as I really only drink socially.  I will have to take it somewhere, I guess!)


Everybody in the picture is named Chris


And last but not least, this is my friend Jon.  He’s missing.  If you see him, please let us know.


Good Friends

In light of last night’s fun performance (plus going out for drinks and food afterwards)…today I am thankful for GOOD FRIENDS.  Without my good friends, my life would be much less fulfilling and interesting.  Friends are definitely one of the things that makes life worth living!  And since I know many of my good friends are reading this, THANK YOU for being there for me, supporting me, and entertaining me 🙂

Fall is here!

Today I am thankful for the gorgeous fall weather.  The air is brisk, the sky is blue but cloudy, the trees are various shades of red, orange, and yellow, and I’m very comfortable outside in pants and a jacket.  This is my favorite time of year!

When I lived in Cleveland, that meant winter and SNOW was just around the corner.  Here the fall is not so ominous 🙂  I am just thinking about pumpkin spice lattes, turkey and stuffing, cute fall shoes, and running outside.  I’m so thankful fall is finally here!

Unmistakable landmark of my city!

Tough Wednesday

I’ve just finished my lunch, and I’m trying to think of something I’m thankful for.  Today is a tough day!

You know what: I’m thankful I was able to come home and eat lunch.  So many people in the world don’t have a refrigerator full of food–not just food, but fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats!  I can make anything I want in the world for lunch (what I wanted was scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms), and I can afford to eat not only lunch.  So, that’s perspective for you.  I’m thankful I never have to worry about my next meal!  I am very lucky 🙂 My stomach is full and I feel good.


Election Day

Happy Election Day!

I did vote today–I think this was the second time in my life I voted in a midterm election.  The polling place is an easy two block walk from my house.  It was less hectic than last time (two years ago), and less exciting.  But that’s okay, I did my civic duty, right?  I even brought my sample ballot along with the answers marked down so I would know how to vote, very responsible of me!

I remember voting in 2004 in Cleveland–that was the year the voting places were completely overrun.  I was lucky and only had to wait in line (in a smelly, damp, very crowded hallway) for about 30 to 45 minutes before getting to vote.  Others had to wait for hours.  It was raining that day.

Today is very sunny, as was Election Day in 2008.  Hmm. I can’t recall 2006.  I remember it was cold.

I mention this all MAINLY because I’m sure most people are just sick and tired of the campaigning.  I know I am.  So much negativity all the time on the radio, tv, computers, etc.  So today, what I am thankful for is this:  the campaigning is over!  (for now).  THANK YOU!!  Of course, it’s bittersweet as I know tomorrow the word referendum will just be used over and over again…but nonetheless at least the campaigning is done.  So that is something to be thankful for 🙂


St Louis Magazine Party

Friday night was great fun!  I went with my friends to this party:

My friend Jen Gartley was chosen as one of St. Louis’s Top Singles for 2010.  Congrats Jen!  The party was at Lumen Event Space on Locust. I had a good time getting dressed up with my black and silver dress that I hadn’t had a chance to wear since the cruise.  I met at my friend Laura’s and she drove us downtown.  There was valet parking at the event, and there were stacks of the magazine by the door.  We had to buy tickets to get in, but otherwise food and drink were included.  I didn’t know what to expect (naturally had all sorts of Sex and the City ideas–was not like that) but I figured people would be pretty dressed up and standing around.  That’s basically what happened!  There was loud music, some talking we couldn’t hear (where evidently all the “singles” were announced/introduced) and then a “fashion show” which was a bit lame as there was no catwalk or anything like that, and the models weren’t great (have watched too much ANTM I suppose).  However, the event was fun overall, and I had a great time hanging out with my girlfriends!

Jen and I--didn't really know where to look, apparently!
My friends!

My camera didn’t fit into my bag so I had to depend on friends.  There may be more photos later, we’ll see 🙂