I keep a folder on my computer desktop labeled "blog ideas."  (I may have mentioned this before.)  When I find something fun on the internet, or a friend sends me a neat picture, or maybe when I screen cap something, I put it into this folder for when I need inspiration to blog. 

That would be tonight.  I’m tired.  I am not ready to write my half marathon recap.  I’m simply waiting for dinner to be ready (pasta! heating up in the oven, since I don’t have a microwave). 

I just perused the folder.  The stuff left that I haven’t used is all cats.  I kid you not.  ALL CATS. (except the stuff for my half marathon recap.  okay.  technicality, right?)

What does that say about me?

Even better, I think most of it is cat stuff I’ve already used but thought was too awesome to move into the "done" folder.  As in, cats I thought you’d want to see again.

So here’s a few.  Enjoy! 


(my cat)




You’re welcome.

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