Thought I’d pop in for a quick Caturday post between workouts and work and teaching and getting ready for our “housewarming bbq” tomorrow afternoon.


Many times if I enter a room and the cat is in there, she will immediately roll onto her back and meow at me.  Then she acts all upset when I go over and vigorously rub her belly, but I know that is what she wants or she wouldn’t do this ALL THE TIME.  It’s just ridiculously cute.  Stupid animal.


Here she’s staring at me from the windowsill in her room.  Yes, we have so many rooms now that the cat has her own room.  Granted, we also put suitcases and some boxes and stuff in there (and there’s a trumpet now too) but we refer to it as the cat’s room.  This new house:  I feel like we have arrived.  It’s more space than I have lived in since I left my parent’s house, and it seems so incredibly decadent.  I mean:  three “bedrooms” (one master, one cat’s room, one music room), TWO ENTIRE BATHROOMS, a kitchen full of cabinets and counters, washer dryer on the same floor as the bedroom…the list goes on.  This house is amazing and possibly the greatest thing that has and will ever happen to us.  Sometimes I’m embarrassed to have to admit we are renting, but we just haven’t had the job security to feel like we should buy.  We may never be rich, but we aren’t beholden to the bank either, and that’s cool.  In a nutshell:  I love our new home and I’m okay with the fact that we don’t own it.

I went for a run this morning.  Tomorrow is a 9 mile run, so today was just a nice easy 3.5 miler.  It was more humid than I thought and I got home and was a little disoriented until I rehydrated properly.  After awhile I fixed myself a lovely “breakfast” of sausage, eggs, and an english muffin with jam.  It was phenomenal.  I have decided to embrace eating more grains again for awhile and see how that goes.  I think I am happier eating them.


After I was done, I set my plate down and the cat cleaned it for me so I don’t have to wash it!  That plate goes right back on the shelf!


Thanks fatness!

Anyways, how are you celebrating Caturday?

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