Caturday is the favorite day

Before we get into it: remember how the other day I railed against restaurants with small plates? Well today I went to brunch at Table with my friend Melissa. Here’s the thing about small plates: if you go with a friend with whom you share similar culinary tastes, it’s fine. If you’re with somebody who has dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free) or somebody who is a pickier eater…well then it’s just not good. Or if you just want your own meal.

But today’s brunch was great, because Melissa is my favorite small plates sharer. (Or at least one of, don’t anybody get offended). Of course we overordered because the server recommended 2 to 3 dishes per person, so we ordered five. I think we could have gotten by with 4, but it was all delicious.

I still maintain that restaurants need to consider going in a direction of having menus that a person can just order what they like and not have to share or come to an agreement. Sometimes I like to go out to eat with my friends who have various restrictions on their diet and this shouldn’t affect my enjoyment of the restaurant!

Okay, without further ado. CATURDAY time. I apologize for some repeat pictures.


I interrupted her butt cleaning for this picture, I think.


Her favorite morning hangout. The sun hits just right.


I posted this on twitter and Jen said I looked like Voldemort because my nose disappeared.


Another cat would make this a complete circle. The circle of cat.


Why haven’t I learned? I can’t leave clothes out on the bed.


At least here I have the outline of a nose. She jumped down right after this picture—you can see she was already considering it. I guess she got camera shy.


This doesn’t look comfortable but evidently it was.


This picture seems to defy gravity. I’m not sure how she was balanced.


Hope you have a great Caturday!