Caturday: Not my cat but yours

So I promised guest Caturdays, and even though most of the time my blog is (I’m sure) one giant disappointment to you all, this time I’m totally going to do it!

I wanted to start with my friend and blog reader Michelle, who can be found on twitter @mamarcus17 and also has a food and restaurant blog at The guest feature was really her idea, so I wanted to feature her cat, Haley today:


I kinda feel like I’m running a weird cat dating site right now. Haley is a beautiful black cat with glowing eyes. I suppose you don’t want to let her cross your path, huh? She probably doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach or holding hands.


Unlike most cats, it seems that Haley will sleep in a bed designed for her. But she won’t be happy about it.


This one was labeled: “Haley’s new hat.” Which makes me wonder a) what her old hat looked like, and b) what the person who made her wear this for the picture looked like afterwards. That’s not a happy cat. I would like a closer look at the hat though!

This last one is my favorite. Imagine this staring at you when you wake up from a lazy afternoon nap…


SCARY. But that’s what you get for being so lazy. Judgment.

Anyway, if you want your cat to be featured or included in a future Caturday post, email me (hannahviolin at gmail dot com) your pictures and information. I’ve already gotten quite a few submissions so if I’ve gotten yours already, thanks! Should we make it a weird contest where you vote on your favorite? The winner could receive something like a free can of cat food or a handmade cathair sweater (does anyone knit with cat hair?)

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