Caturday workouts

Yesterday’s workout:

Back squats 4×10
Dumbbell front squats 5×6
Weighted step ups, 30 each leg
Walking lunges with over head weight, 40 total
Recumbent leg press 5×8

I’m not used to doing these workouts on my own, so it’s interesting having to figure out what weight to use.  (Yeah, I know I should pay attention, but I just don’t.)  I was pretty excited that I used 105 pounds for the back squats, and then for the step ups I started with 25 and then almost passed out.  Oddly 20 (in each hand that is) worked really well.  The walking lunges I busted out pretty easily—I don’t know if I should have had more weight or if my knee should have been lower to the ground.  (I need my trainer back to tell me what I am doing wrong, because I always assume I am doing stuff wrong.)  The squats though, I know I was good on those.  I kept hearing Mike’s voice saying "lower!" and kept trying to do that.


Premier Protein sent me a box of shakes and bars, so after the workout I had one.  It was tasty, though probably higher in calories than I really wanted. 

So after that, in the middle of the night I realized that my legs were really sore.  When I woke up I decided that it needed to be a rest day.  Except then Jen texted and said she was leaving her bootcamp class and heading for a quick run in Tower Grove Park.  I cried "let me just get my socks on!" and headed over to her house.


I figured that if I didn’t tweet about my run beforehand it wouldn’t count 😉

I’m wearing my skull and crossbones headband too.  I realized that since I own about 8 different headbands I should really wear them all rather than simply wearing the same one over and over.  Anyway, my legs were super tired, but we managed to get all the way around the park. 

I’m pretty proud of how tired my legs are right now.  I’m thinking a shower and then a long session of foam rolling is in order.  Definitely the shower.  I probably smell pretty bad but luckily Chris isn’t around right now so it doesn’t matter.

Oh, and you should know:  for every awesome picture like the one right there, there is a series of not great photos.


I was trying for fierce but failed.  Plus my head is oddly small and I’m pushing my stomach out for no apparent reason. Unless I was trying to make my stomach big and my head smaller, in which case I absolutely succeeded.


Here my body looks great, but I’m laughing hysterically and look (perhaps…) a wee bit insane.  Oops. So you see, not every picture of me is equally amazing 😉

And since it’s now officially Caturday:


Did you work out yet today?