I haven’t really celebrated Caturday in the past, so I thought I’d start small.


Why are you interrupting my nap?  Plus I am so disheveled!


I’m going to ignore you while I groom myself in the sun.


Or maybe I’ll try to attack you!  Mwah hah haaa!  My claws are sharp and will leave deep scars in your fleshy skin.

She likes to hide behind the curtain and sleep for much of the afternoon.  This is a warm weather activity, as the windowsill gets too cold in the winter.



You can’t really tell, but I got a pedicure today!  I really needed one after my season of running…I guess the half marathon season IS over for a bit.  My feet were really calloused, but now I’m starting fresh.  I suppose the callouses will simply build back up, but either way it’s nice to start fresh.

I wanted to go for a run outside this morning, but it was rainy and cold, and I am tired of running in the cold.  I want to get used to running in the HEAT, which isn’t possible in this weather.  I can’t believe that last Sunday it was close to 90 degrees and now today it’s about 50!  I also think its hilarious that I am always confounded by the changes in the weather, no matter.  It’s as if I honestly expect the weather to stay consistent, even though it just doesn’t do that.

I don’t have any half marathons on the horizon…the next one is the Rock n Roll St Louis but that’s in late-October.  There’s a couple things of interest in Chicago in the late summer, but I’d need a friend to run with or else it would be silly.  Jen is having a tough time recovering from the race—evidently she DID need medical attention Sad smile  I’m sure she’ll be fine soon, but I feel bad.


Chris looked me like I was crazy.  I’ll take that as a maybe?