Celebrity Eclipse (Day 2: At Sea, Day 3: San Juan, Puerto Rico)


My biggest question from this picture is, why did I have my purse?  It’s not like I needed my wallet, plus it’s not as if the room is that far away.

The honeymoon adventure continues.  Day at Sea!

We popped in for the event for new honeymooners and those on their wedding anniversary.  It turned out we were the most recently married, so we got…another free bottle of champagne.  Now, ordinarily this may have been exciting, but as we already had the unlimited drink package, PLUS Chris doesn’t really like champagne…it just sat in our room all week.  We also got a piece of cake to share and some mimosas.  After which, we decided to hit the gym!  Neither of us had had a workout since before getting married, so we were feeling pretty flabby.  The gym was nice, then it was lunch, followed by pool time, nap time, dinner time, and we went to check out some of the live music (string trio!).  


It was formal night in the dining room.  And seriously, my hair looks amazing, how did I manage that???

IMG_1686 IMG_1685 IMG_1678  

The next day we were to dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but not until mid-afternoon.  We slept in, hit the gym, ate lunch…(sound familiar?).  Oh, one thing I should mention.  I love room service breakfast, so we’d been ordering it.  The service was fantastic, the quality of the food was…not so great.  It took us several days to realize we’d just be better off going up to the buffet though. 

Coffee was delicious at a little cafe with all kinds of fancy coffees.


So, San Juan.  We docked…




We waited a bit to get off the ship—

We got off the ship and were given a coupon for a free "shot" at Senor Frog’s, so we went there first.


Sadly the "shot" didn’t seem to contain any alcohol at all.


After that we walked around briefly…and realized we would rather just be back on the ship, but without all the people!  So we took a few more pictures, and then got back on the ship.



We went up to the pool deck to read and relax.


So sexy when Chris reads…(it’s not very often!)


Now, THIS is the life!

Later that night:


Chris at dinner

IMG_1705 IMG_1706

We went to a magic show—the first and only show we made it to!


One of the life boats.  After the show we walked around a bit, and sat outside watching the ship set sail from Puerto Rico (was very late when we left!).

Next stop:  St Thomas, Virgin Islands, for Chris’s birthday and a jet ski adventure!

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