“Cheat” night

Tonight we went to Pi in the Central West End for some (long awaited) pizza.  Chris and I split a deep dish pizza…I love the crust there.  It’s corn meal based, and is just uniquely delicious and crunchy.  When we go we usually split a pizza and a salad–the salads come in a large size, perfect for sharing.  Tonight we had the Bada Bing, and the pizza was a mix of the South Side Classico and the Western Addition (half and half, not some odd combination).  We left feeling completely stuffed and happy!

The rest of the week should be okay, especially with such an easy Monday (thanks again Columbus Day!).  I’m most excited about my first 5k race on Saturday and my chamber music rehearsals (for the Chamber Project Concert) on Sunday.  I’ve been working hard for both–I ran 2 miles STRAIGHT today (NO walk breaks), and of course I’ve been practicing.  We are playing three pieces:  Beethoven Trio for Flute, Violin, and Viola; Ravel Introduction and Allegro; and Mozart Clarinet Quintet.  (I feel like there is just too much punctuation in that sentence, but I’m currently quite tired and don’t feel like looking it up.  The Beethoven is the only one I haven’t played before and is therefore most difficult.  There is a really neat variation movement I am looking forward to, among other parts.  I just love Beethoven variation movements (I’m sure my readers can think of many–Eroica, Op 18 #5 for starters).