Quote from my trainer today:  We aren’t dogs.  We don’t need to be rewarded with food.

He asked me what my weight goal was for my wedding.  I told him that honestly I would be happy just not to gain any weight over the next two months.  It occurred to me my real goal is to be stronger and faster, not thinner. 

Granted, I don’t have to eat two breakfasts every day.  Or cheesecake every night.


Sundays’ brunch at Herbies.  And yes, I ate two of those pancakes as well.  And was still hungry :/


But I’ve been at this weight for a couple of months now, and I’ve been pretty relaxed with what I’m eating, and I’ve stayed here.  That’s not too bad. I could eat cleaner and I’d lose weight, but do I want to?  (Okay, we actually know the answer, but gosh darnit.)


We went to Pi last night with Vanessa and Russell, her boyfriend from out of town who I was meeting for the first time!  It was a blast—he was a really great guy.


After salad and pizza, we went across the street to Herbie’s for a nightcap and dessert.  (While relaying this part of the story to Mike, he asked if I always rewarded myself with food, and then said the thing about dogs.)

To my credit, THIS is the cheesecake I had been craving…well, since the last time I had it.  Maybe a year ago.  Maybe 8 months.  I don’t remember, but I denied myself for a long time.  And now that countdown begins again!

2 thoughts on “Cheesecake”

  1. “We aren’t dogs. We don’t need to be rewarded with food.”

    I feel like this is true, most of time. There are people who constantly and consistently reward themselves with food. These are the people who work out but still gain weight. “I walked on the treadmill for two miles. I EARNED a hamburger.” Those people.

    Running a fabulous half mary, then eating what you want for the rest of the day is fine.

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