Christmas fails and wins

Fail: Remember my reservation I made for Eau Bistro?  Evidently they made it for Cafe Eau when I called.  We showed up at noon, and no record of our reservation.  I was flipping out, and they said, oh, did you make it for Cafe Eau by accident?  Well, I know that I didn’t…but that doesn’t mean that whatever idiot I spoke to on the phone didn’t.  Considering we are having our rehearsal dinner at Eau Bistro, I’m pretty sure I know the difference between the two restaurants.  Yup.  Luckily while we were making a fuss to the hostess (I hate doing this but I also knew I was in the right here) the manager happened to overhear (one hour wait, we were told, and then maybe we’d get a table…when we made a reservation weeks ago!) and we were squeezed in.  The food was great though, and we enjoyed the meal after our initial fiasco.  Lesson learned:  double check reservations!

Fail:  we decided to go see a 2:30 showing of Sherlock Holmes.  Oops.  Sold out right before we had a chance to buy tickets.  And then there wasn’t another decent movie showing for 2 more hours, so we just went home.  I don’t understand why a movie theater would have no showings between 2:30 and 4:30 when it has tons of screens.  Seems weird.

Win:  We did a ton of cleaning.  Went through a closet, found stuff we had totally forgotten even owning, and managed to make enough room to put some stuff in there we needed to store!  Now the middle room has LESS boxes of wedding gifts.  Sometimes I feel like we have too much stuff, but I think really we just need more cupboards.  Or need to get rid of the crappy stuff. 

Win:  Lots of good movies on television:  Home Alone, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and later, Elf.  We also got the Hangover II on demand for later tonight. 

Win:  Dinner will be salad and cookies!  Salad to feel healthy, and cookies because there are tons on hand.  Our next door neighbors gave us a plate of cookies this morning!  We might open up a bottle of wine too.

Win:  Not having to travel!  And getting a whole day to relax with Chris.  We ended up doing quite a bit of cleaning, but overall it has been fabulously relaxing. 


Fail:  Not having anybody else around to take our picture!  Or asking anyone at the restaurant. 

Win:  We’ll have plenty of pictures taken of us next weekend.  In case you are new, I am getting married in ONE WEEK.  If you are not new, I’m sorry.  I’m just really excited (as I should be, so please don’t mind.)  We’ve been making lists of everything left to do!

Win:  Family and friends start arriving Thursday for the wedding.  I am so excited to see the out of town people!  Of course I’m excited to see the in town people as well, but I see them more often 😉

How has your Christmas been?

Here’s a "wordle" I made today from my blog.


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