Christmas Tree part 2 (but probably not last!)

I wanted to include a few more pictures of my ornaments so you can feel like you are in my living room with me (oh and it is nice and warm under my throw blanket).


This guy is a s’more angel playing the trumpet.  I don’t remember where I got it, but how cute is he?

DSCI0003 (2)

My mother loves to give me violin ornaments—this is a creepy cat playing the violin.  Each year it grows on me though—by next year it might be my favorite!


Here is a more normal violin ornament my mother gave me.  Tasteful Smile


I wanted to get something to commemorate this year.  Those are real diamonds!  (not really).


The tree with the lights on! 

In any case, I’m really enjoying my Christmas tree this year—it hasn’t fallen down at all, and it’s just beautiful. 

The only other Christmas décor I’ve put up is on the mantle in the living room.  I’ve got a few figurines and a bunch of cards on display. 


In other news:

Tonight is the last student concert!  My Child of God students are playing all the songs they know, accompanied by yours truly on the piano.  I’m sure they’ll be fantastic.

Tomorrow is a busy day:  a 5k in the morning (just across the street at the park) unless I deem it too icy (possible), a wedding, a mass, and a 4 hour Christmas party.  THEN—-VACATION TIME!!!!  (can you tell I’m excited????) 

HBBC:  1 mile walk: 1 point, workout with Mike: 4 points, 7 f/v: 1 point, total:  6 points.  Total for week of Dec 11-17: 36.4, Total so far (Nov. 20-Dec. 17): 149.5