Coffee Day

Funny how quickly I lose my good attitude.  I was ready to teach…and then I just didn’t have enough patience today.  The kids were annoying me to NO end.  I ended up giving them a variety of lectures (different lectures for different groups/kids) involving a) not talking while I am talking and how RUDE that is b) how I want them to have good posture or c) how hard I am working for them to refer to notes by NAME and not “1” or “3”.  I was also tired…so I was happy to have a chance to grab some coffee…


I ordered a “red-eye” which is coffee with a shot of espresso (naughty, I know!) and when I got up to the window the barista asked if I would like another shot for free.  Evidently the machines only make two shots at a time, so they have an extra on occasion (when it’s not going to be used for the next order, for instance) and he said if the person seems nice enough when they aren’t too busy, they ask.  I briefly thought about it (would it make me shaky?) and said, YES.  I have a serious caffeine problem.

I made it through the day though, and then my home students were delightful.  I have two new adult students (off the waiting list, yay!) late on Monday and I was a little concerned, but they are both going to be easy to teach and interact with.  I love it when I am comfortable with students and can just enjoy giving a lesson.  Plus there just aren’t THAT many school Mondays left (less than 8) until summer…believe it or not.


It’s really my own fault I was tired today because I overbooked myself yesterday.  The day was to end with a viewing of Lord of the Rings with friends to prepare for the upcoming “live” performance, but that started late because dinner ran about an hour late (went to Market Pub House in the Loop with Joe and Michelle…the food was fine, but the service was super slow.  I guess they were busier than anticipated).  Before than I had plans to go to the Art Museum with Melissa, but evidently doing that on the nicest day all year means that everybody and their mother PLUS their entire family was in Forest Park and there just wasn’t anywhere remotely close to the Art Museum to park.  We were planning to attend the special exhibit about the Mayans (I actually haven’t been at all yet, so special exhibit or not, it was a good idea), but after looking for a place to park, we decided getting coffee would be a nicer way to spend the afternoon.  We ended up at Benton Park Café, where I had been before.  It’s a very cute little place.  In any case, we’ll have to return on a weekday perhaps to try the exhibit.  Or on a hot and humid or rainy day.


from the Benton Park Café website

Tomorrow I will be more rested and will have less need for coffee.  I have two days off from teaching, so hopefully by Thursday my patience will have returned (ha!), and perhaps I’ll have even scheduled a haircut by then.

There are two events the next two days that interest me, and lucky for me I am on quasi-spring break or I would not be able to go to either of them:

Tuesday, March 22 at 7:30 pm:  Recital: Will James, percussion and Peter Henderson, piano.  Will is principal percussion of the SLSO and a friend of mine.  Both he and Peter are fantastic musicians.

Wednesday, March 23 at 4 pm:  Rebecca Skloot gives a lecture at Washington University.  Awesome!

Oh, yes, lots of culture coming up!  (to make up for my failed Art Museum attempt…and in case being a full time musician wasn’t enough culture.)