Concert aftermath

One concert down, one to go!

I invited Maddie from City in a Jar to attend our Chamber Project St Louis concert last night.  She wrote up a really great blog post about it.  Please go check it out.  I met Maddie earlier this summer at Will Write for Wine and we have become good friends on twitter.  It was nice to see her in person again!

My dad got into town around 1 pm yesterday on his bike.  I was not blog-prepared, in fact, I have taken no photos since then.  I’ll try to get one of him taking off so you can see how much gear he has on his bike—he said all in all it weighs about 75 pounds.  Imagine biking on that all day, every day.  Today is his first day off in about 16 days, and he will be heading out in a bit to make sure his new tire is working well before getting back on the road for real.  We also made a trip to REI to get a sleeping bag liner since the weather is cooling off.  He is planning to head towards Phoenix, Arizona next, and won’t be there for at least a month if not more.  He said the trip has been more difficult that he thought, but will be able to take more days off in the future—he was working hard to get here in time for my concert.

I was also delighted last night that a few members of the SLSO including my fiance Chris were there by the end of our show.  I had originally thought Chris would be able to attend but it turned out it was the night of their opening Pops concert at Forest Park.  However, he was there at the end and I was so happy he got to hear me play the Prokofiev.  It meant a lot to have him and my father there.