Country Bob’s Sauce Review and Giveaway–CLOSED

Winners:  Rose, comment #2 by Random Number Generator (which was funny because I liked her comment best, but decided I should pick somebody else then…) so I picked Anna who would use it with venison to make jerky, since I’ve been on a jerky kick lately.  Anna, you should send me the jerky ;)  Thanks to all for entering and congratulations to the winners!



Recently I was sent two bottles of Country Bob’s All-Purpose Sauce to try out and review for my blog.  (You can see lonely bottle two hiding in the background there.)


Now, contrary to popular belief, I am actually an inherently lazy person.  So my first thought was naturally, let’s take this sauce and use it with some chicken in the crockpot.  So I took a couple of chicken breasts, dumped a bottle of sauce on it, and let it cook slowly all day. (This is my go-to crockpot recipe.  I’ve used different kinds of BBQ sauce, this sauce, salsa, various condensed soups.  You can also add vegetables to it, like carrots which cook really nicely in the crockpot.)


When you do this, if you really want the chicken to be flavorful, you have to take two forks and really shred the chicken up into small bits, and then let it cook some more.


SO good!  The sauce had a really good flavor, not too spicy, but not too sweet either. Chris and I have been brainstorming a couple ways to use the other bottle, and what I think we’ll do is use it for chicken wings, but we just haven’t had a chance with all of his travels.  The website also has a bunch of recipe ideas.  Now, it’s a processed sauce, so it’s got sugar and all that, but let’s be honest with ourselves.  Sometimes convenience and taste win out, and this sauce definitely tastes good.  When you get home from work at 10 pm and want dinner, a crockpot meal is genius.

I received the bottles for free to try out, but I would buy them again, or maybe try one of the other sauces they have.

If you want to win two bottles to try out for yourself—two ways to win, leave a separate comment for the second part if you do it: (GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED)

1. Just leave a comment below and tell me how YOU would use the sauce if you win.

2. Follow Country Bob’s on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

I get to have two winners for this contest, so I’ll choose one using a random number generator and the other based on the most interesting comment, in my own opinion, so have fun with it! 

This contest/giveaway runs only until Wednesday, September 5 at 10 pm CST. US Residents only. NOW CLOSED, thanks for entering!  Winners announced tomorrow morning.

94 thoughts on “Country Bob’s Sauce Review and Giveaway–CLOSED”

  1. Cheesy Barbecue Chicken Cups is what I’d make with the sauce. It’s very simple. You just use a can of plain ole premade biscuits, some delicious bbq sauce, shredded chicken, and cheese. I like to add fresh homegrown jalapenos for spice as well.

  2. I want to win some Country Bob’s BBQ sauce because it’s soooooooooo good and we are unable to buy it very often

  3. This would give me a great excuse to make my roommate grill. 🙂 We would use it on steaks and chicken.

  4. I love pulled pork so I would use it in that. And maybe some candied bacon. Yum yum! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  5. I’d use part of it as a marinade with venison and turn that into jerky. The other part, I’d use to make BBQ chicken pizza. Yum!

  6. I use Country Bob’s on steaks and hamburgers, but I haven’t found anything I don’t like it on. I could almost put a straw in the bottle and drink it 🙂

  7. I would probably use it on shrimp skewers! I don’t eat pork or beef so it limits it to seafood or chicken! 🙂 thank you

  8. I have been wanting to get this to try as a marinade for homemade beef jerky. Since I have gotten a dehydrator, I’ve been addicted to making beef jerky.

  9. Country Bob’s goes with any and everything! I even add a tablespoon to my spaghetti sauce while it is simmering!

  10. I would use this on my chicken with some beans….maybe black beans and pinto beans with some red pepper and cayenne, a lot of garlic and smothered with the sauce. I would cook in my cast iron dutch oven. Yummy!

  11. I followed Country Bob’s on Facebook as name: fiona nuyen, and Twitter @ciao6211
    Thank You!

  12. I would probably use it for BBQing on the grill! Although I really want to get out my crockpot soon too! jenniferpeaslee at gmail dot com

  13. I would use it on Loose Meat sandwiches I think! I have been dying to try Country Bob’s sauce!!

  14. i would use it on my burgers and grilled chicken! have tried it before and love it. thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I’d love to try it in meatloaf…and as a dipping sauce for steak.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  16. Hm, well I could make a BBQ Chicken Pizza OR we could do BBQ Squidgetti Dogs! Take hot dogs and cut into 1/2 inch slices, then poke uncooked spaghetti through- push about halfway through. Cook according to pasta directions and drain. Drizzle BBQ sauce sparingly on top. YUM!


  17. If going to use it on tofu – not because I like tofu, but because this sauce could even make TOFU taste good!

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