Crazy week ahead

15 hours of class with Pamela Wiley for the Mark O’Connor Method Teaching seminar since Friday…and now it’s another week.  I owe you a review.  I need to reflect and go over the books and CDs again before I write my full review.

What’s going on this week?  First off, Chris goes on tour to NY and Amherst, MA with the symphony so I’m on my own for next weekend.  Mike (my trainer) is out of town for the week too, and my muscles look forward to a short break.  I’ve signed up for a spinning class at my gym on Friday instead.  I am also behind on my long run so I’ve pushed that to Tuesday, and then again on Saturday.  I hope that’s not too close together. 

My to-do list is practically empty!  The only thing left on it right now involves a trip to the post office, which can’t happen until Tuesday anyway due to my schedule (If you are reading this and know something I have forgotten, please email or call me.)  A practically empty to-do list is SUCH a relief though!

Friday is the SIUE teacher workshop with Susan Kempter.  I’m excited to see her again, in fact, so excited that I went ahead and mailed my registration for Suzuki Camp in Ottawa (in June) so I can spend another week learning from her.  (There was a discount for getting the registration in early, so I took advantage).  I loved the camp in Kansas last year and was so inspired.

We start rehearsing for Cavalleria Rusticana this weekend for Winter Opera.  The performances are going to be on March 12 and 13.  If you want to come I would recommend buying tickets in advance as our last performances both sold out.

On top of all of that I have two weddings, numerous runs, and MANY students to teach. 

What is it they say about March?  In like a lion, out like a lamb.  So I’m in the lion phase…


Is that a lion?



Had you seen this picture before?  Isn’t it great?