Doritos Locos Tacos

The past few years April and May are always my craziest months. This year I tried to pace myself and not go crazy. (That’s what February was for). Things are not so super busy this April, though I’ve still quite behind on…you know…everything.

For instance. I only took two pictures on my phone since my last blog post. WEIRD RIGHT?

Here they are!


I thought my hair looked extra wavy because of the rain yesterday. Yeah. Those are gray hairs GLISTENING IN THE LIGHT. And evidently I have no eyebrows? Strange times. Reminds me I need to dye my hair again—it’s betraying my age!


And this was from rehearsal today.  I met my friend Jennifer (I have numerous friends named Jennifer, this is the one who is the mother of my horse head student) for some Brahms rehearsal. We are playing a recital in the fall, most likely, and some other performances before then.

Always worth posting again. ALWAYS.

Unrelated: I have developed a true obsession with Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco. I had to go there for lunch today and had the best lunch EVER: a bean burrito and the cool ranch taco.  I understand that this may not be the healthiest lunch choice…but my goodness.  So delicious. I didn’t take a photo today but luckily I have some from the past…

IMG_5776 IMG_5646

After you eat one, your hands smell and taste like cool ranch doritos for HOURS. It’s wonderful. Or it’s gross and I should wash my hands better.

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