Double workout

Last night my friend Vanessa texted me to ask if I would run with her since she had been having a hard time getting herself out the door for running, and she is in the relay next weekend.  I realized the only time I’d have until Sunday was today, but after I worked out with Mike.  That’s nothing for somebody hardcore like me though.  Those 12 minutes miles we threw down in the park (ha, 12 minute miles) went by so fast!  And by that I mean my legs were totally dead but it was nice to get a run in, the sun was shining, and I wore my running tights for the first time this fall.  After Vanessa left I spent about 15 minutes foam rolling my poor legs.  Tomorrow is a day off due to scheduling (lunch w/a friend took priority over working out and the rest of the day is super busy) so I am glad I did it.

I’ve got a new student today.  I always get a little nervous for new students, not as much as I used to, but still.  Until I get to know the student the lessons are more stressful, especially for the little ones.  I’m excited though, it’s always nice to get more students, plus I didn’t get as many at the beginning of the school year as I’d hoped for so I still have openings (both at home and at the school, so if you are reading this and you need a violin teacher for yourself or your child…!).

Last night my friend Laura was texting, asking me what I was making for Thanksgiving dessert.  I was thinking to myself, Laura’s so excited (we are going to her house for dinner), but today I realized, wow, it’s only two weeks away.  Oops!  I need to get to making my test cheesecake if I’m actually doing that.  Option two:  do only one cheesecake but have ingredients on hand to make pumpkin pie in case of cheesecake fail.  I think that’s a better option—I can do the cheesecake the day before and always throw a pie in if needed.  She suggested something apple, so I will probably make either my favorite apple pie recipe or baked apples.  Or…suggestions?

I didn’t blog yesterday, so I better give two "30 days of Thanksgiving today":

I’m thankful for good friends to run with who make the miles fly by.

I’m thankful for good friends who act as family when your family is too far away to visit for holidays.

5 thoughts on “Double workout”

  1. Ditto on both of your “thankful” items. I usually tend to run more when I do it with a friend, as well. It’s just more fun that way:)

    I also get nervous before new students! Heck, there are still a few choice ones that make me a little uneasy, if they happen to have…um, “special” attitudes. I bet you’re a great teacher!

    Was wondering if you’d ever do a post that gets into detail about how you personally prepared for orchestra auditions in the past or what your orchestral experience was like? You seem to have an impressive orchestral past (I’m from Canton, and I know the Canton Symphony is really good) and I know you’re more focused on your teaching now, but it’d be really interesting to hear any personal stories or insight from someone who’s “been there” already!


    1. I’ll think about doing a post about auditions…I don’t consider myself much of an expert on auditions as I’ve lost so many, but maybe I’m being negative (I know I am, the word audition makes me cringe and ball up on the inside). Could be a fun post to write.

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