Easy Friday

Today has been a great day so far!  I woke up early, had a work out with my trainer Mike (which was pretty tough), hit the store, picked up my race packet for tomorrow’s race, and played a wedding.  Now it’s laundry and perhaps an episode of Mad Men (am one week behind).

The wedding was outside at Sunset Country Club in Sunset Hills.  It was a nice day, though a bit sunny.  We aren’t able to play in direct sunlight (can ruin the varnish, and definitely puts the instruments out of tune easily) and sometimes it’s tough to convince people of this.  We had to play from under an awning a little ways away from the wedding site, and it was still quite bright due to the angle of the sun.  That said, it was a gorgeous day–could have used some cloud cover personally but was great for the bride and groom!  The crowd was really friendly and seemed like a great bunch of people.

(still using the retro camera!)


You can tell how sunny it was! Beautiful scenery though, and the pictures don't do it justice.


Me in the car beforehand


I’m nervous and excited for tomorrow’s race.  It’s very different from the half marathon, of course (only 5K , approximately 3.1 miles) and on a much smaller scale, but I am hoping to have a good time and run most of it.  I already got the t-shirt though, technically wouldn’t even have to go.  (I will of course!  and Chris is coming to cheer me on as well).

The race loot:  includes small sample of Wheaties.  I should probably eat those beforehand so I can finish strong!

T shirt, wheaties FUEL, race number, and shoe tag for timing.


Lots of sponsors, including my gym (Club Fitness)

I’ll let you know how it goes!  Have a wonderful Friday night 🙂