Eco Lips Review and Giveaway (closed)


It’s getting to be chapped lips season, isn’t it?  Personally I use lip balm all year round, but as the weather gets colder and the air gets drier, I need more than usual.  So when Eco Lips offered to give me a few free tubes of balm in exchange for a review, I said “absolutely!”

I picked a few different flavors.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coconut one.  I lent Chris the mint and he is a big fan of that one as well.  I haven’t actually tried all the kinds yet because I didn’t want to have a whole bunch of opened tubes (is that weird, does lip balm go stale?) but I know I will get to them eventually, and I imagine they are good too.

(If you’re asking, huh, what sort of review is this, she didn’t try all the tubes? Get over yourself.  THE COCONUT IS REALLY GOOD.)

What makes Eco Lips different than other companies?  Well…

Don't panic - It's organic!

I loved that from the website!  Anyway, their products are organic and not tested on animals, if that’s important to you (as I know it is to many people.)  And did I mention I love the coconut flavor so much!


Okay, giveaway time!  One lucky reader, chosen at random, will win an EcoLips Gold Balm (this is the most serious balm, for the most serious of chapped lips, think Cleveland winters, and yeah, sorry it’s not the coconut but I’m sure you’ll like it too!) on an Eco Clip (similar to what is pictured above, I believe.)  U.S. and Canada addresses only.

How to enter:

First: Like “Eco Lips” on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter (you can do both but you don’t get bonus entries for this giveaway.)  Second: leave a comment telling me you did this AND tell me your favorite flavor of lip balm.

That’s it!  Super easy, one chance per person.  I’m making this a one and done giveaway to keep it simple. Contest ends Monday night, November 5 (around 10 pm CST, but I’ll close the comments when it’s over so you’ll know!)

(sorry, had to close it early–my blog is moving to be self hosted in a few hours and I needed to get this closed and figure out the winner in case everything goes wrong!!)

(To Clarify, ONE comment is all you need/can have—one chance per person 🙂 )

Good luck!

84 thoughts on “Eco Lips Review and Giveaway (closed)”

  1. Followed on Twitter; I’m a huge fan of my mango Burt’s Bees but mint is a sure classic. Also appreciate this thyme-flavored balm my roommate’s mom sent freshman year. Yeah. I’m not so picky.

  2. I like ecolips on facebook as jonnie JB Hartling and i love lip balm with mint flavor because it’s so tingly

  3. I like creamsicle, or traditional peppermint…I like and follow Twitter/pyrodamsel, FB/ Jenna Marie

  4. I follow on Twitter! (@MindyMcCrea) But favorite flavor would be peppermint because it tastes so fresh!

  5. I like EcoLips on FB. I love that they are Fair Trade Certified. Any flavor lip balm would be great! Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I followed on Twitter (Savings Galore) and my favorite flavor is mint because I love the tingly feeling on my lips!

  7. I liked them on FB (Lle Schreiber) and followed them on Twitter (@LiveLearnEat). I love minty lip balms, but that sugar plum flavor sounds really good, too! livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com

  8. I liked them on facebook, the coconut one sounds SO good!! I just finished a natural lip balm that was Mango Ginger….loved it 🙂

    kgirl418 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I like Ecolops, but I LOVE Buddha Balm. So much better than any natural lip balm out there and if you like flavor you MUST buy Buddha Balm. Good luck.

  10. following on facebook name is jayden tucker and my favorite flavor is sugar plum

    jjjtuckersaver at gmail dot com

  11. Like Eco Lips on Facebook. Kristie Morrison Donelson. I like grape lip balm. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  12. HI! I liked Eco Lips on Facebook! Also, I would love to have the Eco Lips Pure and Simple Coconut Lip Balm because coconut is my favorite!

  13. I like EcoLips on Facebook and I follow them on twitter. MY favorite lip balm flavor is coconut and/or vanilla.
    Thanks from karmakaytlyn at!

  14. I like EcoLips on FB as Mary Beth Elderton. I like cherry or strawberry—the pink flavors 🙂

  15. Already liked their FB page and Twitter. Favorite flavor would be Strawberry, Mint, — like the eco clip. My son would like the coconut.

  16. I like Eco Lips on FB – Jennifer Peaslee – and my favorite lip products are always fruit flavors, especially strawberry! jenniferpeaslee at gmail dot com

  17. I Liked Eco Lips on FB (Patricia R. Hess (fritz) and Following them on Twitter…I would like to try the Mint…

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you for the chance

  18. Liked on Facebook. The coconut sounds amazing, even if I am usually a minty sort of gal. 😉 Thank you!

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