Election Day


I have now voted as many times in St Louis as I did in Cleveland—and I lived there many more years.  I suppose I’ve become more civic minded as I’ve grown older.

I was actually voting because of one thing on the ballot and hadn’t done my research on the other races. (I guess I’m not THAT civic minded).  Upon arrival at the polling place I was accosted by three different people (one a CANDIDATE) who wanted me to vote for them or their candidate.  All three were for the same race!  I didn’t know what to do…so I just left it blank…and felt a bit like a loser. 

That’s okay.  I voted for what I intended to.  And there were no lines! 

The last election I was going to vote in Cleveland for was for the last presidential primary.  I wanted to go and vote for Hillary Clinton…but when I got done teaching there was 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice on my car and after scraping that off (and it was still freezing raining) I decided it would be safer to just go home.  So I never did get to vote for Hillary. 


(my favorite election motto)

Enough politics!  If I went the rest of the year without hearing about politics I would be a happy camper.  (That’s a strange expression…I don’t even like camping!)


Here’s a story from MSNBC about a girl whose parents wouldn’t let her get a horse to ride so she learned to ride a cow instead.  I highly recommend taking a look!