End of summer

August is a tough time. It’s busy, it’s near fall, but it’s still hot outside!

It’s been fun seeing many of my students again the past week! Most I saw at least a few times over the summer, but a handful I hadn’t seen since May. Some are noticeably taller, some tanner, and many have new hairstyles. It’s fun watching them grow up and it’s great to have them coming back. I have less new students this year than in the past, and I’m glad to have so many continuing (over 30 returning).

Oh, and I’ve got a new part time job. I’m now on the Applied Music Faculty at Washington University of St Louis. I’m thrilled to be teaching some college students! It might sound more prestigious than it is, but I am quite excited.

I’ve been reconnecting with friends and colleagues, setting up and attending lunch dates/meetings, rehearsals, and even a few social activities. My parents visited as part of their epic Alaskan Road Trip, Louie and I rode in the Moonlight Ramble, we had Taco Thursday…basically things are getting back to normal crazy, instead of traveling/camping crazy. And of course it’s back to paying bills and getting mail and responding to emails and phone calls…instead of just packing the car, flashing our national parks pass, and being on the road…


And I’ll continue to blog and tell you, in installments and with lots of pictures, about my road trip to Utah and Colorado. If you missed my recent posts, I recommend you check them out.

And so it begins…to Aspen

Bear Necessities

Yesterday the National Parks Service celebrated its 100th anniversary. St Louis Public Radio put a call out on twitter for pictures and I sent one in, which is posted in this article!

Oh, and really good news, my dog Mackenzie is doing well. Her hair has grown back in and it’s thick and shiny and I’m thrilled.


She looks like a normal, healthy dog Smile

Oh, and for some levity, since sometimes lately I feel like my posts are too serious. I saw this cartoon somewhere and loved it.


Happy Friday, readers! Will I see you this weekend at Union Avenue’s Doubt (audience member, not playing since I was on a trip) or at the Festival of Nations?