Everybody needs a fat cat

Chris and our cat. 

Oh, and you should watch this video of a panda trying to go up a slide.


It’s so sad.  I guess pandas really do need our help.

Yes, I’m bored.  I’m home sick…I feel pretty lousy, I’m working hard on clearing out the tivo queue…and I’m going in later today to teach some kids who are playing on a recital this weekend.  Hopefully I can manage that :/

Here’s a blog entry from a guy who really over thought his trip to Taco Bell.

Oh, and I had a heated argument last night on twitter with a friend.  Hard boiled egg yolks:  amazing or disgusting?  It got heated and things were said that cannot be unsaid.

My trainer won this race the other weekend.  He asked last week if I blogged about it, and I told him of course not because that would be creepy.  He told me that he never meant that he thought I was creepy.  (Likely story).  Also, because honestly, why bother if he isn’t going to read it?  I told him if he got me pictures I’d be happy to write up a short blurb for him.  But honestly, I was the one who saw the race and told him he should run—it was a run/obstacle course and exactly the sort of thing he seems to live for.


Unfortunately this isn’t a picture of him winning.  I’m still waiting for that.

Oh, and don’t forget it’s May, which means it’s really time to get ready for the 80’s 5k on May 19!

Jen and I will be there—come run with us!

Hmm, what else.  This is a totally random Wednesday blog post. 

So, readers, entertain me!  Let’s see your funny pictures, your funny videos, and just general craziness on the internets that you can share.