Everybody’s working for the weekend?

Except me?  One wedding down,  four to go!  Tonight’s was a nice ceremony at the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park.  I’m looking forward to attending a wedding there in a little over a month, but it was a beautiful evening tonight.  Not too cold, not hot.

Tomorrow–two weddings and a reception, and Sunday another wedding.  Then Sunday night I look forward to seeing friends perform at Maya Cafe again–Chris is playing a quartet, and some of my friends are doing some tangos and such.  Should be fun, and they do have tasty margaritas there!

I went to have Nicaraguan food with a friend today.  We went to Fritanga, and I really enjoyed it.  It seems that plantains are the mainstay of Nicaraguan food (and I’m okay with that!).  I’ve been taking advantage of my newly found free time by meeting various friends for lunch or dinner, getting a pedicure, and catching up on all the things I was putting off.  It’s been a relaxing week, at least, though I’ve ended up being quite busy…odd combination.

It looks like next fall I might be much busier teaching.  I’m hoping so!  Busy is good, and I guess if I can’t do the performing I’d like to, I’ll teach more.