Excessive Heat

Today is another excessive heat warning day here.  I’m just thankful I haven’t had to play outdoors in awhile!  August is usually a slow month for weddings, and this August is no exception–in fact I have only played one wedding so far this month, and will only play two or three more.   September and October really explode though.

I spent Thursday evening at Good Shepherd Lutheran School’s Registration.  I’m the new violin/strings teacher there (part time) so I spent several hours hoping to meet parents/students and answer questions.  We have another open house before lessons start up there.  It looks like about 10 to 12 had signed up, and hopefully a few more will yet.  I’ll be teaching private lessons during school and having a small orchestra program also.

This week I’ll have open house at Child of God Lutheran School (my other new job this year!).  The program is only one year old, and the previous teacher did group classes.  I plan to continue that, and hope to get last year’s kids back in addition to adding a few new ones (or more than a few, I’m not picky 😉 ).

I also will be continuing at the Ballet School and (I presume) at St. Margaret of Scotland. (And continuing my home studio).  Basically I will likely be teaching somewhere four to five days a week, and I can’t wait!  After a few years of barely working, it will be really interesting to be at so many different places and meeting so many new students and, of course, teaching them to play the violin.