Fat Kitty

My last student tonight told me that he had been without internet for about a week, so if anything super exciting had happened on my blog, he’d have missed it.  Adam, this is for you.  Actually I lied.  This is for everyone.  This is my favorite cat video ever.

I even told Mike he had to check it out and Mike is not a cat person (it was the working out bit that I thought would appeal…).  He asked, how do you FIND this stuff?  The answer is:  I don’t.  It finds me–people tend to share cat videos with me (they’ve learned that I enjoy them.)

I haven’t been responding to my comments lately.  Let me tell you: each and every comment is appreciated.  If you are on my home page, to comment just click on the title and that will bring you to a post with a comment form at the bottom.  I’d love to have a way to have people be able to comment on each post from the home page, but I’ll figure that out at some point (or hey, can anybody help?)  But I’ve gotten some really sweet comments from people and let me tell you: it means a lot to me.

Also cat videos.  They always help!



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