February recap!

I know there is one more day of February, but I wanted to go ahead and recap, since I am very busy tomorrow as well…I’ve been trying to keep up on my goals for the year.  It’s all part of my project to become a better person, a happier person.

February:  What a crazy and wonderful month!  It turned out to be a little different than I had expected (I did NOT anticipate that Chris and I would get engaged ) and as a result some things didn’t happen according to plan (no races or yoga).  However, I will NOT consider that as a failure, but as a tremendous success.  And I will just forge ahead and try to get back on track (particularly with my diet as February turned into a bit of a “celebration” month).

How did February’s goals go? Purple for stuff I did…twas a great month, lots of CHECKS

February Plans/Goals:

Books:  one classic, one related to teaching violin or children, one non-fiction—Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (plus finish reading list from January–Teaching with an Open Heart and Fixing School Lunch) –finished my reading list entirely—CHECK!

New Restaurants: Nora’s, Cicero’s—Check!

Social: Dinner with Reycrafts at Café Mochi and the Gelateria, SLSO Concert then drinks at Robust with two other couples, lunch with Melissa at Nora’s, drinks with friends after opera at Bar Louie, drinks with friends after opera at Sub-Zero, Opera cast party at Dominic’s on the Hill, Jon’s Trombone Recital followed by drinks at Cicero’s—Lots of activities with friends, Check!!

Recipes (at least three): Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges, Beef Stew, CHECK!

Continue attending spinning class—missed one due to laziness, one due to schedule…but still, Check!

Start using Groupon from Urban Breath Yoga—it’s for five classes, let’s try to get at least three in this month (it’s a busy month.) am postponing the start until my wrist is feeling better, I worry that yoga might exacerbate the issue, especially as it became much worse after I did a yoga DVD.

Frosty Five race on February 12 (5 mile race) DNS due to below reason….

Creative “date night” with Chris? Got engaged Winking smile  check, check, check!

Get rid of 11 things from ONE room— kitchen  cleaned out jewelry box instead plus got rid of more clothes, so CHECK!

Attended Mark O’Connor Teaching Training Workshop, continue Parents as Partners Online—Check and Check!  Plus my article got used for the Parents as Partners Workshop—follow this link and you might be able to read it…

NEW Goal for February:  No new clothes this month.  Exception:  may purchase new running shoes.  NOTHING ELSE for the whole month.  Ordered new running shoes from running warehouse…there is an updated version of my model so I am hoping they work well, no other clothes…it was tough but I told myself NO.  Check!

Let me add something about The Happiness Project.  At the beginning of the year I thought it would be something that I would work with on an ongoing basis.  But I’ve realized that even before signing up I was already influenced by Gretchen Rubin as I had recently reread her book, and many of my goals/plans for the year were based on ideas of things that I love to do (read, for instance) and was already participating.  Thus you won’t hear that much about the project specifically, but keep in mind that most everything I am doing here is really in that direction. 

Overall, February, though busy, was a fabulous month.  It started with a snowverreaction, contained some great reading, had a bit of crabbiness, GOT ENGAGED TO CHRIS, and finished up with a teaching seminar.  Basically I read, ate, worked, ran, and got engaged.  To be married!  After 12 years!

Yes, my favorite part was getting engaged. 

I didn’t run any races, but I trained hard and should be in decent shape for my March and April races…