Feels like Monday

I have a bad feeling about the next three months.  I just have this feeling I’m going to get stressed and overwhelmed over wedding planning.  I am suddenly aware that all these things we’ve been putting off NEED to happen soon, because the next three months are going to fly by…and before we know it, it’ll be January 2…

I think I found my wedding ring today though, and I’ve done a whole bunch of other stuff as well.  The best way to deal with stress is get stuff checked off the list, right? 

People are really excited about our invitations.  I can’t wait to share them on the blog here, but I obviously want to wait until my guests receive them in the mail.  I also want to tell you about my fantastic designer (found her on etsy, but she lives right here in St Louis.)  Soon!!

I’m recovering from yesterday’s race.  By late last night I could barely walk at all—my right hip and knee hurt so much I was worried I’d injured myself.  But today I feel much better, in fact, both legs are equally sore and tired, which is totally strange.  Maybe all my stretching, rolling, and icing paid off.  Or the constant ibuprofen is paying off?  Either way, the human body is a marvelous thing.


I’m waiting to see if there are any photos from the race yesterday.  Right now there are two posted for me, but neither is actually me.  I remember one being taken coming down a hill but what looked to be an official photographer, but maybe not.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


5 thoughts on “Feels like Monday”

  1. I hate having to wait for race pictures.

    Remember this about your wedding: It’s going to be awesome. No matter what. I’m not going to tell you horror stories, but let me assure you that terrible things could happen, and you can still have an awesome, amazing, beautiful wedding. So, stress about the things you can change and control, but know that at the end of the day you’re getting MARRIED!

    1. Oh, I know terrible things will happen on the day of (well, little things will go wrong) but now my fear is that I will entirely forget to do something important in advance. Those are things I can control, right?

  2. And you probably feel like you’ve played so many weddings you should have this all figured out, right? I hope your feelings of foreboding turn out to be completely wrong and that you have a great next three months, Hannah! Best wishes!!!

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