Flashback Friday

Everybody’s been doing Throwback Thursday pictures where they post old pictures of themselves online. I figured I’d do the same but I’m calling it Flashback Friday because people usually use that to link to an old blog post.

I could scan some old pictures in but instead I’m going back to 2001 when I first got my Snapfish account. You’ll have to sit on your hands and wait for something older than that…though of course I was a toddler then…

This is me holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now, children and young people, you need to know this is an impressive picture BECAUSE we did not know until it got developed if it turned out. Back in the summer of 2001, things weren’t like they are today. I went to Europe and brought three rolls of 24 exposure film. I ended up buying a few more, and then I had to wait awhile to develop them when I got home because I’d used up all my money in Europe. We had to WAIT to see our pictures.

Spring of ’02. Heifetz and Oistrakh (aka her royal fatness). They rarely cuddled, but I took them on a trip with me and they were upset so they sat close to each other glaring at me the whole time.

Okay, one more, this from 2006, at Christmas time. My sisters with me—Leslie, me, Carrie.

What I really don’t understand is why I had wavy hair. I don’t have wavy hair now. It makes no sense.  Though Carrie had the same hair, so it’s probably genetic. This was at my parents’ house in South Carolina, which my dad built. It is a geodesic dome and is really neat.

One more, something tropical! For my 30th birthday my sister, my friend Sarah and I took a cruise from LA to the Mexican Riviera. (Leslie is already planning something similar for my 40th, though we have some time yet…).  Here’s us enjoying a few drinks on the deck in the sun. 

Today it is cold and rainy, even though it’s May 2, so a tropical vacation sounds pretty good. I know it’ll be hot again here soon enough (like it was the other day…man we humans have short term memories, don’t we?)

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    1. I know! It like was vacation part two when the pictures arrived back, and then they were usually a disappointment… “Oh, I thought that would be a good one…oops”

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