Food Truck Friday

Friday night Chris and I went to "Food Truck Friday" with our friends Jon, Laura, and Benjamin.  The event is sponsored by Sauce Magazine and takes place in Tower Grove Park every second Friday in the warmer months, and I finally had off teaching for the night!  Basically a bunch of food trucks come and park and you can create your own picnic.  We weren’t sure quite what to expect but we had heard it got busy very quickly the previous month so we went early.


You can see some food trucks here—Chris didn’t even know what a food truck was before going to the event.  Basically our conversation went like this:  Hey, honey, do you want to go to Food Truck Friday with our friends?  Sure, what’s that?  It’s an event where a lot of food trucks gather around in Tower Grove Park and you try a bunch of different food.  Okay, what’s a food truck?


Once we got to the right area of the park we decided our best bet was to lay down our blankets and then each person go to a different truck to collect food for the group.  I had been told by several people that Seoul Taco was amazing and the best, and they had a really long line, so I got in that line.  (I learned that while cruising—I see a line, I get in it!).  Chris and Jon headed off in search of other great options.


I ordered a bunch of tacos—if you couldn’t guess from the name, they serve Korean BBQ style tacos.  I ordered steak, pork, and tofu.


They were grilling the meat right there.  Easier than doing it yourself at a Korean BBQ restaurant! Anyway, though the line was long it moved quickly.  We were all texting back and forth about what people wanted to try and what to drink.  There were several local breweries that had set up shop as well.

Finally we all met back at the blankets with the food loot!


Tacos, the silver foil are different kinds of sausages sandwiches from the Sausage Syndicate, and those deep fried things are Jambalaya balls from Completely Sauced.  There was also a quinoa salad and a sweet potato falafel from Lulu’s. 



We didn’t find anything appropriate for this one so he just lay there being useless and we tried not to spill our food on him.


Jon ate the sausage sandwich very dramatically.


Ben refused to look at the camera.


I look very wrinkly in this picture.  Maybe it’s because I instagrammed it?

Anyway, after the first round, we decided to send Laura and Jon back for a bit more food.

Chris decided he needed to feed Ben and then Ben fell asleep.


Don’t say anything.  I know what you are thinking.


Sushi from the Chop Shop and a sandwich that is unpictured and I can’t remember where it was from—it was a bruschetta type sandwich with a balsamic glaze and was delicious!  From a google search it seems like it was from The Cheese Shack.

This was a fairly "green" event.  After we were done eating we piled up our "trash" and took it to one of the waste centers, where volunteers sorted it into recyclables, compostable materials and other things.  I was surprised by how little was actually trash!

Anyway, we had a great time trying various foods, and really enjoyed our dinner.  The weather was nice (in the shade) and since we got there before 5 pm, it was easy enough to try a bunch of different trucks.  If our schedules permitted, we all agreed we would definitely go back! 

Here’s some twitter handles for the various trucks I mentioned if you are interested:

Chop Shop
Follow this truck @ChopShopSTL

The Sausage Syndicate
Follow this truck @SyndicateSTL

Lulu’s Local Eatery
Follow this truck @LulusFoodTruck

Seoul Taco
Follow this truck @SeoulTaco

The Cheese Shack
Follow this truck @cheeseshack_stl

Completely Sauced
Follow this truck @saucedonwheels

Have you been to a food truck event before or eaten from a food truck?  Chris said he was picturing hot dog vendors and such so he was especially surprised at the quality and selection of food.