Four Seasons: Video, pictures, and more thoughts

Check it out! This is a highlights reel of my November performance with the Metropolitan Orchestra of St Louis. I’m still pinching myself how much fun it was to play, and I only wish I could do it again. I’d be delighted if you took a few minutes (up to ten, actually) and watched the video. Many thanks to Wendy Lea for putting this together and making it ALL happen.

It was a real career highlight–hopefully the rest of my career isn’t downhill from here.

Can you tell how over excited I am? And my dress…I felt like a million bucks.

Some action shots!

I had a bit of trouble with my hair but I guess it looks cool…

And I was just SO happy to be done, but particularly happy that the performance went really well. I’m still just so thrilled about all of it, especially all the people that helped make it a night to remember. (Thanks to Wendy and all the members of the orchestra, and to Louie for putting up with me being so stressed out…)

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