Looks like Franco is becoming our go-to restaurant.  Tonight:  caesar salad, grilled trout, crème bruleè, red wine.  Followed by a deep argument on facebook regarding the spelling of fiancé.  Or fianceé.  And which is the feminine and which is masculine.  And seriously, how does one make those ‘ marks without copy/pasting?  And (not to make another run-on sentence but it just can’t be helped) how does one feel to be in for the evening by 10 pm?  Is that a sign of growing old, or of being happy in one’s life and enjoying the company of one’s fiancé?


All right friends, I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow am:  a run (perhaps) followed by a wedding at the Sheldon.

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  1. To make the ´ marks, on my computer I can just press option + e, but I don’t know if that works for you…

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