Free Replacement Strings

A few weeks ago I tried to change my strings (violin strings, for you non-musicians.  We have to do this every once in awhile…be that a couple times a year or every other month).  I had a set of Vision Solos on hand and wanted to put them on a couple of days before my concerts in September.  I tried and tried, but I couldn’t get the strings to wind around the pegs properly without slipping out.  This was very unusual—I can’t recall EVER having had that problem.  I had Chris try as well, and he couldn’t do it either.  (This whole episode actually ended with me sobbing about how nothing in my life ever worked properly.  Drama queen.)

Anyway, I couldn’t remember where I had gotten the strings, so I went straight to the source.  I emailed Thomastik directly, and a few days later they responded, asked for my address AND…today I got replacement strings PLUS a free set of the PI strings!!


Thomastik, thank you for your excellent customer service!  I am so excited for the replacement strings and even more excited for the free strings!  I know the solos work really well on my fiddle, so I’m hesitant to switch up styles, but it’s a win-win situation as they were free.