It’s Frey-day!  That’s pronounced the same as Friday, for those of you who didn’t know 🙂

Today is usually my quasi-day off, but due to Veteran’s Day, I had 8 students at one of my schools.  Since I teach the students during their regular school day, I was concerned that they would forget today was a make-up from yesterday (unusual for a school to close for Veteran’s Day and then have class on Friday) so I called everybody yesterday to remind them.  As a result EVERYONE remembered their violin (this is rare).  It was a good day–the kids seemed to be in better moods than usual and we (well, they) learned quite a bit overall.  Now I’m at home catching up on various at home errands/computer work and preparing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a fun day–I am doing a 5k in the morning (yes, yes, I’m getting out of control but having so much fun!), two weddings, and then I will attend the St Louis Symphony concert (can’t pass up Leila Josefowicz and Scheherezade) and hopefully go out for drinks/dessert or cheese after the concert.

I used to usher for the Cleveland Orchestra when I started in college.  Each Thursday night I would walk down to the street (a few blocks) to Severance Hall, help people find their seats, and then spent two hours hearing some of the greatest concerts ever.  Now I don’t have to help anyone find their seat, and I can do the same thing… 😉  I am THANKFUL that I can attend as many symphony concerts as I want for free (thanks to the boyfriend 😉 ).  THANKS CHRIS AND THE SLSO FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!

I will finish today’s thankful post with a new picture of my sister Leslie and her cat Albergo.