Friday, the greatest of all days

Today.  Friday.  My last day at City Academy.  And then…I finish teaching at 5 pm today.  Like one of you normal people who works regular jobs.  CRAZY.

It’s been an adventure teaching at City Academy.  I am not sorry I did it, but I will not be sad to be done either.  It cements my feelings towards teaching groups (do not like.)  But, I know it’s important to do things outside my comfort zone and to push myself.  I love the feeling of accomplishment after putting myself through challenges.

Oh who am I kidding.  I have been through enough stress lately.  I need a break!  I’ve accomplished enough in my life.  I’m tired.  Bring on summer vacation!

A few weeks ago I asked Chris to snap a few pictures of me performing with Chamber Project St Louis for the blog. He took some, including one of me playing…and then his phone ate the pictures.  Tonight they reappeared.  It’s a miracle!


This was before our latest concert at the Tavern of Fine Arts.  I was about to go "onstage" to perform the Prokofiev Solo Sonata.


And here I am performing!  I love how fast my bow and arms are moving—they are a blur!  Also I look like I’m in pain. 

Oh wait, I was.  I was okay there at the beginning, but by the end of the concert I was nearly in tears every time I played at the frog.  It’s nice to think how far I’ve come in my healing since then (late April).  The human body is an amazing thing.

And that polka dot dress.  My goodness.  Would it be inappropriate if I wore it every day?  I can’t think of an occasion it wouldn’t be amazing for. 

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  1. Congrats on a break and a new beginning. I think wearing the polka dot dress at every occasion would be totally appropriate. I love reading your blog!

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