Today has been a really productive day so far–I practiced about 45 minutes of scales/arpeggios, then went to the gym.  Now it’s lunch with a friend, more practice, and rehearsal tonight.  I had grand plans of catching up with several of my friends whose partners are in CA with the SLSO (nice story here) but “unfortunately” I accepted some gigs and haven’t been able to.  (I use unfortunately in quotes, because, while I love hanging out with friends, I don’t have enough work as it is.  If the orchestra weren’t out of town this wouldn’t be an issue, but since people are gone, those remaining have made extra efforts to get together, and I haven’t been free.  Which is unfortunate.)

I’ve also had extra gym appointments this week with my trainer.  Each month he’s been running a little contest to win 4 extra sessions with him the following month.  Last month was to lose the most body fat percentage, and somehow I managed to win.  That meant that instead of seeing him twice a week, some weeks I was seeing him three or four times.  To answer your question, yes, I am now totally BUFF and in shape (not really, but getting closer!

I had a nice day teaching yesterday.  Several of my beginners are getting the twinkle variations in really nice shape!  Of course they are at slightly different points, but (this always happens to me) I tend to subconsciously start clumping students together in repertoire, so in the past few weeks I’ve been moving three different students onto Twinkle Theme, and now one is previewing Lightly Row.  Exciting times indeed!  My adult students are doing well also–they are all at varying stages/places (ranging from beginners to advanced, Suzuki and non-Suzuki), and I always feel that the more I get to know them personally, or at least attain a basic level of comfort, the more productive our lessons are.