Friends with Blogs

Sunday afternoon was our "healthy living blogger" meet up at Pi in the Delmar Loop.  Real Fit Mama organized it, and there were going to be about 6 people at one point, but it ended up just being 3 of us (Kara was the other one) and ended up being really fun! 

I’ve mentioned before that while I certainly fraternize with the healthy living blogger community I don’t really consider myself a healthy living blogger per se.  That said, I obviously try to live in a fairly healthy way (key word TRY) and that can certainly mean different things to different people.  They always say that moderation is key to a healthy life, and moderation is probably my biggest struggle in life.  Nonetheless!  LUNCH.

First off, I love women who can put away their diet coke.  We all ordered it (arguably NOT healthy, but calorie free right?!) and I have to congratulate Kara for drinking perhaps four or five of them.  I could be wrong, but that seems about right.  Basically we talked about life, the universe, parenting, the symphony, blogging, and you know, just whatever we could think of.  Naturally it turned out that RFM and I already knew someone (in the symphony no less) and were already only two degrees apart.  I think everybody in St Louis is just two degrees or less from each other.  (Is there a way to study this?  Or was that the original concept behind Friendster?)


Inside the Delmar location of Pi—I’d only been to the one in CWE so this was a treat.  It seemed like a more casual feeling location.  Not terribly crowded for Sunday lunch either.


Forgot to take a picture from the outside…we sat inside as it was just a bit chilly for the outside.

We all ordered salads and split a small pizza.  I was STUFFED.  The deep dish pizza has this amazing cornmeal crust that occasionally appears in my dreams.  And their salads are gigantic and fantastic.  I had been nervous about meeting them (after all, I don’t have kids, how could I relate to somebody with two?  Turns out it’s highly possible!)


Me, Kara, and Maria . No, I wasn’t squatting down in any way.

I feel so lucky that in the past few months I have met some great people through my blog.  When I originally started writing I never intended to use it as a vehicle to meet new people, but as things have evolved its been a fantastic experience!

I hope that doesn’t mean I start using the word "blends".  Please shoot me if I do.

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  1. It was so fun to finally meet In Real Life! (sorry, I’m not really a fan of the texting lingo!) and You won’t hear me use the term “blend” either. My background in English almost completely prevents me from it!! 🙂 I even have a hard time with hash tags, as writing the words all together gives me heart palpitations!!

    None the less, it was super fun and we will HAVE to do it again!!

    (as you can see I have zero problem with abundant use of exclamations points)

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