From flip flops to snow flurries

On my way to Illinois this morning two things happened.  One:  it started snowing.  Two:  one of those automated signs told me the exit to the bridge to Illinois was closed.  I debated turning around and returning to bed, but luckily the exit wasn’t actually closed…I don’t know if it was about to and I just got lucky or what, but rather than going home I did continue on to work.

Teaching today was fine.  I realized today that at least one of my students has made absolutely no improvement this year.  I feel like I am really trying with this student but they just aren’t getting it (or practicing either…and I guess I’m just not one of those super awesome teachers that has a year’s worth of practice motivation).  But other students are making great progress—so at least I am not failing too many of them!

I put this as my facebook update today:

Yesterday: flip flops. Today: snow flurries.

and my sister Leslie wrote:

hm, i know flip flops is not a weather. are you wearing snow flurries today? those sound fantastically comfortable!

isn’t she a card?

Unrelated:  I found this article about community service and how musicians relate to their public to be very interesting.

Have a happy Thursday!

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  1. if only i had a blog so you could link to me! :p i could get all your blog traffic. and it would get really funny in here.

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