Frozen Wedding Cake

For the record, the wedding cake was still good.  We’ve got the top tier left to tear up on January 2.  Are you supposed to eat the whole thing at once?  It’s a pretty rich cake…

My mother has a great love of freezing things and I occasionally have the same problem.  Not QUITE as bad, as she is the sort to take food out of your mouth and freeze it (only a slight exaggeration, I have a definition recollection of her freezing my birthday cake one year before I even had a second piece), but I do enjoy baking stuff, baking extra stuff, and sticking it in the freezer.  I’m also a big fan of frozen berries (well, thawed frozen berries) and of course there is chicken and beef and fish in the freezer. 

(I think my freezer one year in grad school resembled this, minus the food.)

The problem is the freezer was getting too full.  I had about five tins of cookies, the cake, the other cake, plus the ordinary stuff in the freezer.  So I had to start clearing it out.  This unfortunately makes my food diary look…well…less clean.  I have been trying to counteract by primarily eating only protein and veggies otherwise, but I find the real trick is seeing Mike only once a week and "forgetting" my diary.  (Yes, I did that the other week.  I’m not even sure why.)

Perhaps I need a cow suit like this?

Anyway, I’m getting used to teaching the classes.  I don’t like classes still, but knowing that a whole week is behind me, plus there is a finite end in sight already.  The kids are annoyed that I don’t know all their names yet, and I feel bad about that, but goodness, I’ve only seen them each twice.  And honestly I’m just bad with names…I suppose I should learn to deal with that problem, but how often does one need to learn about 50 to 60 names all at once?


Aren’t I good at "photoshop?"

Happy Tuesday everybody!

2 thoughts on “Frozen Wedding Cake”

  1. Is this a group class you’re teaching? How do you like it compared to private one-on-one lessons? There was a time I seriously thought about going back to school to get a music ed degree so I could teach strings in the school system. I guess I felt like a change at the time, but then ultimately decided against it. I’ve ocassionally coached chamber groups and really enjoyed watching kids interact with one another…but the thought of regularly teaching an organized group class makes me nervous. Feel like I’d need proper training for that.

    1. It’s a bunch of group violin classes at a private school. My friend normally teaches them and I’m helping her out while she’s on leave…I don’t love it. I get overwhelmed by all the kids and MUCH prefer one on one.

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