Genius Violin Teachers

I noticed today that somebody found my blog by searching for "genius violin teachers st louis."  I can say they definitely found what they were looking for!

I’ve also noticed that since I announced my 30 days of thanksgiving that lots of other bloggers have copied my idea and claimed it for their own.  I’m pretty sure that firstly, they didn’t copy me.  I’m also pretty sure that they didn’t come up with the idea on their own.  Using the month of November to think of things you are thankful for is a pretty old yet classic idea.  So let’s just stop pretending you thought of it…or at least give me credit for posting about it three days before anybody else?  Seriously though I got the idea the other year from a facebook friend who posted something in her status update every day for the month of November.  I thought it would make me feel more satisfied and happy with my life, and honestly it helps.  Though the formula, something every day, can get a little contrived. 

I finished Sarah’s Key last night.  Wow.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I ask myself, if something like that were happening in my country, in my city, in my neighborhood, would I be brave enough to help people?  Or if it happened to me, would I be as brave as Sarah?  And then I ask myself, how, how, HOW could something like that ever happen?  People can be so awful. 

I also read The Marriage Plot recently.  I really enjoyed it, until the end.  I loved Middlesex (also by Jeffrey Eugenides) and though of course The Marriage Plot was very different, it had that same sort of really detailed writing that I love. 

I’m thankful for books.  All kinds of books, that entertain, inspire, and make us think about something bigger than ourselves.

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