Getting my run on

I was planning to go to the gym today.  Chris even told me I should go, because it was really hot outside.  But after I did some other stuff, I just wanted to go run outside.  I know, I KNOW that I would have gotten a better workout if I’d run on the treadmill, but I would have been so bored.  I’m so whiny, aren’t I?

photo (89)

I’m making a really weird face here.  I’m not sure why I thought the internet would enjoy that.

I got honked at no less than three times.  I was reminded of that bit Jerry Seinfeld does about why do men honk at women.  Do they expect them to kick off their heels, run after the truck (in this case, it’s always a truck), calling out “I’m so glad you honked, I had no idea how you felt!”  Nothing makes me feel more beautiful than a couple of incredibly disgusting men honking or yelling out of their vehicle.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?  When I see an attractive, shirtless man running, I don’t honk.  I just stare.  Hmm.  Or maybe then somebody honks at me as my car is swerving out of control.  I’m kidding.  Women never objectify men.

I think, though, that my point is, no good comes from honking, unless you are just showing off to your friends that a) your horn works and b) you aren’t afraid to honk at a female.  WIN.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my sister Leslie!  Here’s last year’s blog post because I’m too busy (lazy) to write a new one for her.

From Leslie’s engagement session.  She’s smiling because she finally got the frame to herself 😉


What’s the verdict?  Do we look related?