Good Riddance to April

It seems ridiculous to do my monthly goals post, but I’ll do it anyway.  As you all know, this month totally sucked.  My race sucked, we got robbed, basically the whole month sucked and I’m really glad it’s over. 

Monthly Goals:

Books: one classic, one related to teaching violin or children, one non-fiction.  Great Expectations, The Social Animal, and Moonwalking with Einstein.  Yeah, well, my kindle got stolen halfway through The Social Animal.

One or more new restaurants: Frazer’s

Weekly activities with friends:  I did a lot of activities with friends

New recipes (three): I’m sure I tried some recipes.  I didn’t do three, but I did a new stuffed chicken or something.  I don’t feel like looking.

Race:  April 9 Go! St Louis Half Marathon.  Goal:  2:30 or bust. Ha!  Follow that link.

Mileage:  90 miles (run or walk). Is 64 the same?

Lose a couple of pounds:  under *redacted* by April 30 or bust. (I do have a number in mind, and this month I will meet or beat it). Might have lost a pound.

Career: Schedule Student Recital for Early June.  Plus some other stuff that will happen in April.  You’re on a need to know basis.  Check!  My student recital will be happening.

Fun: Did a lot of fun stuff, mainly to try to distract myself from the awful-ness that was the rest of the month.

Financial: Well…I did MY taxes.  But I promised Chris I’d do his, so that’s this month. Check!

Fingernails/finger biting: Must continue trying to stop…gah, so difficult as I usually don’t notice I’m biting until it’s already been going on for a little while. Hmmm…this is not working.

I posted a widely successful post:  Orchestra Auditions for Non-Musicians.  Over 2500 page views (quite a lot for me).

Okay.  So that’s April.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

2 thoughts on “Good Riddance to April”

  1. I had a new recipe resolution this year. I’m failing miserably. I think I’ve made maybe two new things this entire year.

    I haven’t clicked over to your Go! race report, but if you didn’t meet your goal that’s all on the weather. That was a miserable, miserable day for running.

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