Good thing I teach from home

Today has been frustrating.

Well, technically the last few weeks have been. A few weeks ago, my car was rattling like crazy, so I took it in to a nearby (read: able to walk home from) shop. Got some major stuff fixed up, and then…two days later my check engine light came on. Took it back a few days later, they fixed something else…two days later, check engine light on again.


So yesterday I took it BACK in, and they had it all day. They called yesterday and said they were trying some things and would get back to me. I said, sure, but I really need it by noon (I was supposed to have a rehearsal). Well, this morning they were just finishing the diagnosis. So I’d already gotten up and showered with the idea that I’d get it and go to rehearsal…so I asked could they please have it done by the time I needed to start teaching. Well that time came and went and they were not quite done, which meant that I was going to have to wait until tomorrow.

(The good news is they are only charging me for parts for this current problem, since it’s been such a mess and seemingly their fault for perhaps repairing the last part wrong, or possibly breaking stuff while doing the original repairs. I’m very pleased with that aspect of the car saga.)

Then my first student showed up and had forgotten her violin. Which meant that I probably COULD have gotten my car in time for my second student. Sigh. Such is life, right? So I’m popping online to write a quick post about how stuff doesn’t always work out the way you planned. The good thing is that now I can also check “blogged” off my (short) list of accomplishments.

On the bright side: I have a great dinner planned. Salmon Frazer, kale, and something new: Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend. And I did some good violin practice, washed all my dishes, and spent some quality time with the cat.

Never enough time though. Never enough.


So it has been a pretty good day so far anyway. Honestly I barely need the car as I do primarily work from home, but I was bummed to have to cancel my quartet rehearsal…I could probably have planned this all differently, but you can’t plan everything! At least we already had an extra rehearsal scheduled and now it’s just a rehearsal 🙂

(this post needs a selfie, as that’s like, the word of the year or something)


I’ve been debating getting a shorter haircut. I cleaned out the vacuum cleaner the other day (the roller part) and it was pretty ridiculous (edited to add: SO MUCH HAIR WRAPPED AROUND THE ROLLER). I’m not sure if shorter hair (chin? shoulders?) would actually help. Leslie got a cute haircut though and I’m a little jealous…we’ll see how I feel after next week.


I got this anti-aging treatment to try from Influenster. I’m not getting any younger but I’d love to look like I am! Maybe I’ll let you know how it turns out. Maybe it’ll be obvious.

2 thoughts on “Good thing I teach from home”

  1. They have #SELFIE t-shirts at Target now. Should definitely be on the Top 10 Gifts for Bloggers list.

    Do you have a loaner violin for kids who forget? Though forgetting the instrument is a little baffling to me. Do you just bag the lesson in that case? Or do theory or something like that? My daughter plays the harp. Her teacher has harps for the kids to use for the lesson. Of course a violin is infinitely more transportable than a harp!
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    1. I don’t have a loaner instrument for the kids, plus they do come in all sizes. In this case, I had had a student who was missing later in the day (sick) so I invited them to just come back an hour later. That’s so neat your daughter plays the harp! But yeah, violins are much more transportable than harps or say, pianos.

      I need this #selfie shirt. *runs to target* *actually just sits on couch drinking coffee*

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