Guess I’m a runner

Today I definitely feel like a runner.  Why?  Well firstly, I went for a run this morning, the first one in two weeks.  But also because I MISSED it so much…I was getting really cranky, and now I feel like myself.  Running makes me feel like myself.  Ergo, I’m a runner.


Look at us!  This was afterwards, hence the ridiculous smiles.  Six miles around Forest Park (well, almost 6)…easy peasy.  I’m ready to start running longer.  Seriously, I feel so ALIVE right now.  I suppose that’s the infamous “runner’s high” talking.


The “runner’s high” is slightly different.

Last night Chris and I went to Vin de Set for appetizers and then met Melissa at Trattoria Marcella.  We had a great time, and had some FANTASTIC food.  I surprised myself by ordering the “Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad” and it was delicious!

IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0765

IMG_0766 IMG_0768

I think Chris and I have some room for improvement in our picture posing.  (Tonight, engagement photo session!)

Oh, and my Las Vegas souvenir:  a new “Gun Store” t-shirt.


I must have been tired, I don’t see any bulging muscles?


Oh yeah!

You know what else is making today awesome?


This weather couldn’t be more fantastic right now.  I am feeling great, and I am ready to continue my half marathon training.

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