Guess the honeymoon is over


I love that dress!  This is at dinner on our cruise, the first "formal night."  Doesn’t my husband look handsome?


Our ship for the week.  You can see our balcony in this shot.  It was towards the top, above the first orange lifeboat.

We had a fantastic time!  (Unlike those poor people on the cruise in Italy…)

The past two weeks have been incredible.  The new year started with our wedding, filled with family and friends, followed by a few days in Miami Beach, followed by a week long Caribbean cruise. 


And now it all comes to an end.  We are home, and now we get to enjoy just BEING married, no longer stressing about the wedding…it’s wonderful!

And…with no further ado, what I know you all really want, some wedding picture sneak peeks!


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Sarah Crowder is my hero!  The upper left hand photo is breathtaking, I can’t believe that’s me!  I can’t wait to see all of the pictures (next week.)

I’m exhausted.  But I wanted to say "hi" to my readers, and of course I’ll be back to regular blogging again now, and I want to tell you more details about everything, and also talk about what the upcoming year will bring. 

How are you all?  What have I missed?

5 thoughts on “Guess the honeymoon is over”

  1. Welcome back! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear all the details about the big day. I love weddings and I love living vicariously through other people getting married!

  2. Your pictures are spectacular! Glad you had a fabulous honeymoon 🙂 We’re still laughing about how we decided Japan in the middle of August heat would be a relaxing way to go (but did make up for it with a Mexico beach vacation on our one year anniversary). Hope you’re enjoying the beginnings of marriage!

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