Guy and Mae’s Tavern

Tonight we went out for dinner with the whole Book Four class.  We decided to go to a nearby “town” for barbecue ribs, to Guy and Mae’s Tavern.  We split some ribs, and had potato salad, baked beans, and spicy pickles.  It was all very delicious!  The restaurant is in a tiny town called Williamsburg.  I am continually (I don’t know why, but I am) surprised by how far apart towns in the western half of the US are, and how those towns might not contain much.  But that was some excellent “barbecue.”  Of course, it’s not barbecue as I know it from South Carolina, but that is another story entirely.

Lesson from dinner:  students should chew gum during lessons to keep their jaws relaxed.

Main lesson of the day:  Lighten left hand fingers.  You don’t want to press down too hard.  Try to slide a business card between the fingers and the fingerboard.  You should be able to touch the fingernail and feel it vibrating.