Habits of Highly Successful People

I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing certain things.  For instance, I used to practice violin every day.  Okay, I’m kidding, I’m not worried about that, haha, that’s just asking for an injury!  (Or would be the smart thing to do.  But this blog post isn’t about that.) 

I used to run several times a week and blog almost every day.  Those are the habits I’m trying to get back into.  I already "ran" this morning (I’m using quotations because it was awful and there was a lot of walking) so now I’m going to "blog".  (Okay, I’m going to actually blog.  Technically the quotations aren’t necessary.)

This week has been pretty busy with packing, moving, and then unpacking.  I am not beating myself up about not running, or not blogging, but I’m trying to start new habits.  I am planning to run at least three more times this week and planning to blog every day.  I actually have some cool stuff I’m doing for the blog including some book reviews and some giveaways, so stay tuned for that this week and in the future! (I decided it was time for me to get on the blog gravy train and get some free stuff, but I promise to stay real, even as my stock climbs…I won’t pretend to like something I don’t.)

The new place is AWESOME.  Most of the hard work of the move is done and all we have left is a bit more unpacking, some decorating, finishing cleaning the old place, and getting a dining room table and maybe another chair for the music room.  We had hoped to use our old couch for that room but it just didn’t fit in the door.  Oops. 

photo (10)

We bought a new welcome mat.  Creatures with big eyes are a weakness Chris and I share.

We "celebrated" our move by going to Franco for a dinner.  I love getting anchovies on my caesar salad there.  I really like the white anchovies, but they are more expensive so I just got the regular anchovies.  Sometimes I get oddly cheap.

photo (72)

Friday we spent unpacking and preparing for the yard sale.  Saturday morning was our yard sale, and we made approximately $185, so it was an overwhelming success. 

photo (76)

We had never had a yard sale before, so we didn’t really know what to expect.  People who go to yard sales are an interesting bunch.  I was amazed at how much time people would spend deliberating over whether or not to purchase an item for 50 cents or a dollar.  Sometimes I just wanted to tell them, hey, you know what, just take it.  But I figured that would ruin the "fun."  The main reason we had a sale was to sell a couple of pieces of furniture, and we sold all of those, in addition to my old set of dishes, which were still very nice (we just got some amazing wedding gifts and didn’t have use for everything.)  Now all we have left to get rid of it is the aforementioned couch—it was already at the new place and the yard sale was at the old place, so we’ve just been trying craigslist for it.

photo (74)

Those are more "bruises" from doing burpees.  Mike argues they don’t count as bruises as they are red.  I told him that he wasn’t taking my "injuries" seriously.  (Chris just saw this picture from a weird angle and asked if it was somebody’s butt.  I am now sad that my legs evidently look like a butt, and that my husband thinks I would put a picture of somebody’s butt on my blog.)

photo (73)

Hey, look, it’s my leg warmers.  I was unpacking and found them—I love that I own leg warmers! 

From the 80’s race.  (I know you can’t see them in that first picture, I just really like that picture.)

Last but not least.  Chris likes to make breakfast sandwiches, with sausage, egg and cheese.  We finally got a little "contraption" to help him out with the egg.

photo (77)

How cute is that??

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  1. I’ve fallen off the running wagon myself and have fallen into some other bad habits:( I still like to get inspired by other bloggers, though! Moving is a big deal, though, so you have some legit excuses:P

      1. We do! Probably 3-4x in the last week. It’s really easy and pretty quick! I think the two slot version is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I couldn’t find the 4 slot one in any store in a 50 mile radius of St. Louis. It’s crazy, though, the price inflation depending on where you buy it from – we got it from Amazon for $49, but it ranged in price from $59 at Walmart to $69 at Target to $89 at Bed Bath and Beyond, for the exact same toaster! The Brentwood BBB didn’t have the two slot one in stock so I almost drove out to Chesterfield (I think that’s where the closest was, I don’t remember now) but then we realized we could get the 4 slot one on Amazon for basically the same price as the two slot one in the store

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