Hannah and her sisters

I probably posted this before but tonight I’ve been doing a bit of interneting (while listening to the SLSO concert and waiting to go out with Chris and our friends Jon and Laura (in the home stretch before baby Ray-Ray comes!). 


I will say that my sisters are like, almost the smartest people I know!  After myself, of course.  And maybe our brother? 

We had a conversation on facebook the other night on one of Leslie’s status updates.  If you are facebook friends with us you should check it out.  Much like my conversations with my friend Sarah, rest assured that all comments are meaningful, thoughtful, and very likely are making fun of somebody or something from our past.  It’s a lot of pressure to be funny all the time, but the pressure is well worth the pay off. 


That’s how it started…




Comic gold, people.  Or…maybe you had to be there? I appreciate how quick everybody’s responses were.  Well done, girls and Carrie, well done!

I mean, really, it got so FUNNY on facebook…

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