Happy Anniversary Will and Kate

A friend reminded me that today is Will and Kate’s wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to them!  I only mention this as an excuse to post these pictures again…

First, Kate.


IMG_0365 IMG_0366

In the second picture, we did not want to deal with buttoning the back up all the way.  Plus the replica dress itched—perhaps the material was not quite as nice as that which Kate’s was made of?

Since I’m looking in my wedding dress album on my computer, let’s stroll down memory lane, shall we?  (I am not waiting for you to agree.) I have especially fond memories of my ridiculous tan lines (this was July) which I worked so hard to get rid of…and have already somewhat returned after running outside just a few times.  I tan too easily.  But I never showed you the pictures of me trying MY dress on in the store!


Here’s me trying it on for the first time.  I remember I was looking in the mirror thinking, hmm…this could be it.  I’m not generally an over the top, bursting into tears sort of person.  But I remember I was, perhaps for the first time, picturing Chris seeing me walking down the aisle, and I felt my cold black heart starting to melt…

IMG_0361 IMG_0362

We tried it with the veil just to see.  Until that point I hadn’t even THOUGHT about a veil—

Anyway, then we tried on some other dresses.  And then we came back to it, but thought, oh let’s put my hair up.

IMG_0367 IMG_0368


And with the hair flower that comes with the dress.  That smile is me kind of loving it.

I wanted to buy the dress right away (When I see something I want, I don’t like to wait—I wanted to buy it and be DONE shopping) but we had an appointment at another salon so we figured we’d try on more dresses, then I could decide.  I tried on some nice dresses but nothing I loved—I got home, called Clarice’s, ordered the dress, and never looked back.  I’m kind of an impulse shopper who doesn’t have regrets in that sense—when I decide what I want, I want it right away, and I rarely regret my decision. 

Tantillo123 Tantillo194

I think I made the right choice!

Tantillo042 Tantillo046

(Because my wedding wasn’t JUST about me and my dress.  Oh, and I ate the rest of the wedding cake last night.  I realized all that was left was icing.  I didn’t feel very good after that, because it really needed cake to balance it out, but I was in a dessert mood and dammit, that was our cake!)

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  1. Fun! I loved wedding dress shopping. I’m impressed they let you take pictures before you ordered the gown, all the salons I went to were really strict about no pictures.

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