Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!  Hope you have a fantastic day!  I always love your birthday because it means mine is just around the corner 😉  And be sure to check your email if you haven’t for an important message (gift).  Love you!

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By borrow I mean, of course, you know, for the wedding and all…

Part 2: Books and Goals

The burglary threw me for a loop on my reading goals (and all of my goals really, but I’ll get back to that in June, I think…), since two of April’s books were on my Kindle.  In any case, during that time I started a couple of other books, and then I was so stressed in May that I just decided to reread the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I also read Water for Elephants (yes, I didn’t read it until it came out in a version with a picture of Robert Pattinson on the cover.  Sue me.) which was fantastic!  I’m still working on the Sookie Stackhouse books, and after those I’m going to return to my more “serious” reading goals.

I haven’t been doing my goals and stuff.  The burglary put me in a very foul mood…really since the darned failure of a half-marathon that was the Go! race.  That was followed by a series of unfortunate events that I didn’t deal with that well and instead decided to fight with Chris a bunch.  Finally I feel that negativity is (mostly) behind me as now I am done with the stressful stuff and school is done.  Now it’s time to relax, plan the wedding, hang out with friends, and work out as much as humanly possible.

I ran into Joe (my old trainer) as I was leaving the grocery store today.  It was funny because I was carrying a bag and he teased me to show him what I had bought.  The funniest thing was, I was mostly embarrassed that I had purchased a bridal magazine.  Otherwise I simply had some lettuce, spinach, and salmon.  A bag of groceries any trainer would be proud of!  I felt kind of like a rock star after that…also since I had just run two miles on the treadmill in 18:30.  Even tried to widen my stride a bit.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.   Relaxing:  that’s been my life theme the past week.  So glad it’s summer!!


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  1. Ha, I totally forgot that the Sookie Stackhouse character was from a book series–I did it backwards and started watching True Blood. Would you recommend the books?
    I don’t have the same excuse you do–I have a ginormous pile of books that are all half-read and then..um…conveniently ignored, so I PROBABLY shouldn’t get any more new books until I’m done with them…

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